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Welcome to G&H Petroleum Enhancer Products

Welcome to G&H Petroleum Enhancer Products

Welcome to G&H Petroleum Enhancer ProductsWelcome to G&H Petroleum Enhancer Products


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DT 550 Dealer Locations


mobile mechanics

8462 u.s. rt. 68 n.

West Liberty oh.


Family Farm & Home

7600 N Alger Rd.

Alma, Mi 48801

ph. (989) 463-9400

Service Center



Bill Lynch

24046 St. Criox rd.

St. Criox IN. 47576


Family Farm & Home

1145 N Belsay Rd.

Burton mi.48509

Ph. 810-301-0100

Service Center

Autozone Auto Parts

1167 Lansing Rd

Charlotte MI 48813

Ph: (517)541-1471

Frank's Transmission

149 Division S

Coldwater MI 49036

Ph: (517)278-7882

Family Farm & Home

4175 17 Mile Rd. 

Cedar Springs  Mi. 49319

Ph. 616-696-4100

Service Center

Family Farm & Home

1658 Lansing Rd.

Charlotte Mi. 48813

Ph. 517-541-9970

Family Farm & Home

1245 E. Ash St. 

Piqua Oh. 45356

Ph. 937-916-3289

Service Cent

Family Farm & Home

3850 Elm Rd.

Warren Oh. 44483

Ph. 330-372-3011

Service Center 

Sommers Equipment

12931 E Michigan

Battle Creek MI 49014

Ph: (269)968-6611

Gateway Mfg

7836 E Colonville

Clare MI 48617

Ph: (989)386-4198

Wild Piglet Scooter Store

131 S Main St

Vermontville MI 49096 

Ph: (517)726-1117

Sunset Acres

4201 W Vermontville Hwy

Charlotte MI 48813

Ph: (517)541-1230

No Limits Powersports

156 Columbia Ave

Battle Creek MI 49015

Ph: (989)386-4198


Great Value

DT 550 - 16oz Bottle


($13.60 shipping)

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 16 fl. oz. Is a great value for  Car - Truck - Home.

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Better Value

DT 550 - 1 Gallon


($14.35 shipping)

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1 U.S. Gallons is the better value for car- truck- semi -farm 

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Best Value

DT 550 - 5 Gallon

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5 U.S. Gallons is the best value for Commercial Fleet  Or Farm.

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This item can be shipped call for S/H Price or Free Pick UP. 


Great Product!

I added to my oil in my van and i noticed that my engine runs quieter . I thank it is lubing my internal parts better. I give it an a+++


Worth The Money

Put it in my oil at oil change. My engine runs Quieter and smoother. getting one ta one and a half miles per gallon better fuel mileage    Tim


I drive a 2005 silverado half ton pickup and pull a 23 foot trailer. Since I have added the dt550 to my engine and transmission my old truck doesn't seem to CRY as much and i have noticed an improvement in my gas mileage. I highly recommend this product.   Gloria

100 mores hours of racing

The first time I used DT550 in my KTM250 sx-f, it made a world of difference in how free the bike felt, it felt like a brand new bike. We used it in my clutch case oil and put some on my chain guide to see how well it worked and it dropped my lap times by 6 seconds. On top of how great this additive worked, we just recently rebuilt the motor and every bearing, every single seal and every gear in the motor could have taken another 100hrs of racing. and I am not easy on my bikes by any means. I even put it in my 94 Ford Probe and it increased my gas mileage by at least 8 miles to the gallon. I greatly encourage other teams and riders like me to find out how great this product is because it will save time and money and it already has for me         TRES

Truck no longer struggles

Since adding DT550 to my oil, I have noticed increased performance and power of my engine. My truck no longer struggles to get going. thank you G&H .           ROB

500 hundred over my 5000

Hi Harold. I've been a little behind on changing the oil in my impala lately 500 hundred miles over my 5000 my oil change. wasn't to concerned no warning lights came on. changed it at work today. less than a quart came out. I guess that DT550 is doing its job.    THANKS DAVE. 

Sept 29 Lucas Oil Raceway

crew chief informed us by adding DT550 to bearings on the axles and lubing the chain they went 1.6 mile an hour faster in the quarter mile. 

            thanks Tom for your input love to here it G&H                                                       

147000 miles

Added DT550 to my car with 147000 miles on it. have noticed my steering feels tighter like when the car was newer also seems like the car is running smoother and it runs pretty smoothly already with the Amsoil so its noticeable to me.




Just finished a 1935 Rolls Royce transmission. All assembly lube is DT 550. Thanks for such a great product. JOHN MILLER, FRANKS TRANSMISSION.


Thank you Greg and Harold for the DT550. I put it in my 2018 Mazda CX-5 yesterday and I was amazed at the difference in the way the vehicle runs and rides. I'm not sure what is in that fluid, but anyone that doesn't use this additive is sure missing out. I will be spreading the word for you and I would expect you to here from me again very soon when I place more orders.                 GOOD STUFF !          Jim.                                 



I met you at the I-96 Speedway this last summer. I remember walking up to your display and then being selected to add the weights to the friction machine. Like most people, I was skeptical at first,but when I saw what DT550 actually could do, I was shocked and impressed! I remember handing you a 20 dollar bill and buying some right on the spot. Since then, I have convinced my mom. my step dad, my grandfather, my brother, my dad and several others to buy some as well: people  all over Michigan and even out here in Utah and Nevada.

I LOVE DT550! My wife and I drove my car back from Michigan to Nevada with dt550 in the crank case and I could DEFINITELY feel a difference. as soon as we got back, we ordered some more to add to her car and three other cars of people I know. In my car, if its made of metal and moves, it's got DT550 in it: crank case, transmission, differential, engine etc.


Our Products

100% American Made Product

  • We have one of the best friction reducers made.
  • DT 550 bonds to metal surfaces dramatically reducing wear.
  • Extends engine life; Boost power - Reduces wear at startup
  •  Greater fuel economy. Helps lower engine temperature 
  • Concentrated formula treats engine up to 5 years or 50,000 miles 
  •  Chemically bonds to engine parts  Not affected by oil changes
  •  Compatibility with all oils, gas or diesel motors 
  •  Adding DT 550 in it self does not void any engine warranty 
  •  Rigorously tested by an approved EPA Independent laboratories using ASTM procedures

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Have You Used Any Of These Products!



DT 550 has been tested with each of the products above and has out performed ALL OF THEM! 

How To Use DT 550

  • Crank case - add 1 ½ oz. per Qt. of oil
  • Transmission - add 3 oz in automobile manual or automatic; add 1 oz per Qt. in semi/big rigs etc
  • Differential - add 1 oz per Qt. Gear Lube 
  • Wheel hubs - add 1 oz in each hub; tractor and trailer
  • Transfer case - add 3 oz (average for 4WD vehicle)
  • Hydraulics - add 3/4 oz. per Qt. Hydraulic fluid
  • Air Tools - add directly into tool; add 2 oz. into air compressor
  • Grease - mix 1 oz. into 10 oz. tube or 1 lb. tub
  • King Pin - add directly onto/in King Pin

Two Cycle/Two Stroke Application info:

Pre-mix - Use 2 oz. per gallon of mixed fuel once or twice per year

Oil Injected - Add 4 oz. in oil once or twice a year

Four Cycle/Four Stroke Application info:

Air Cooled - add 2 oz per Qt. of oil  every 2500 hours or once per year.

Liquid Cooled - add 1 oz per Qt of oil  every 2500 hours or once per year.



Commercial Use: - add DT 550 every 2500 hours or once per year

Personal Use - add DT 550 once every 5 years or 50,000 miles

2020 Events Center



stop and see us at the mid american truck show

march 26,27,28 2020

louisville ky.


      Mothers day  car show swap meet

       May 9th & 10th

Coldwater mi.                            

Jeep Invasion Silver LK.

    May 29&30

hope to see you there

4wheel jamboree

June 12th, 13th, 14th

Allen county fairgrounds

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Fathers day Car Show

Charlton Park

Sunday June 21st.

Hastings Mi.

45TH Annual Car Show

Muscle On The Mac

St. Ignace Mi.

See us there on

June 26th&27th



Release the Beast


($5.00 shipping)

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Sizes: Med, Lrg, 1X, 2X

Quality Gildan T-Shirt

Image on back of Black T-shirt

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Release the Beast


($5.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Sizes: Sml, Med, Lrg, 1X, 2X

Quality Gildan T-Shirt

Image on front of White T-shirt

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